Fantasy dildos: Trip to wonderland

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We find all sorts of things sexy and attractive. Some fantasize about this while others dream about that, and that’s all great. However, there’s a group of people who enjoy all things obscure and somewhat scary. As such, they have a whole set of fantasy toys to enjoy while alone or cos-playing with their partners. Let’s take a closer look at these dildos and see what they have in store for us, shall we?

Do you find monsters sexy?

Although not as popular as some other forms of sexual fantasies, teratophilia is a fetish that refers to showing attraction to monsters or people with deformities. It’s seen as a paraphilia, which is just a fancy word for sexual deviation. Unfortunately, this can make one believe there’s something wrong with people who find these things sexy. But in our eyes, monster porn and erotica are all about escapism from societal beauty standards.

Fictional characters in these fantasies almost always show off masculine features such as big, veiny penises. They usually come from pop culture — classic horror literature, films, and comics. Hence, it’s not unusual to see people get off on Frankenstein, the Venom symbiote, and others. You can check out what makes others horny easily online on social platforms like DeviantArt or Tumblr.

Either way, a kink like this needs to be controversial, right? There were numerous talks about teratophilia on mainstream media, and you can pretty much understand how things went. Major networks would describe it negatively without ever saying something explicit, damaging the reputation of anyone who enjoys such fantasies. But luckily, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it anymore.

Embrace your fantasy

If you find monsters and fantastic creatures attractive, there are numerous ways you can satisfy your lust. You can read erotic literature with such content, enjoy some fan art, watch movies that include scenes of monster orgies like “Meridian,” where Sherilyn Fenn from “Twin Peaks” has sex with a werewolf. However, there’s always a need for some actual action.

But, if you need close contact, there’s no better way to fulfill your fantasy than to purchase a fantasy dildo. Sex toys come in all sorts of designs, shapes, and sizes, but none of them are as fun as monster cocks that look unlike anything else out there. Most of them come from smaller companies and have unique traits that separate them in both functionality and look.

Fantasy dildos, what?

Yup, you’ve read that correctly — fantasy dildos. These rude boys are available in a wide range of designs, sizes, colors, and textures. Aside from dildos, you can find pretty much anything your kinky will desires, and you won’t end up disappointed. That includes strap-on harnesses for lesbian couples and pegging, vibrating dildos, butt plugs, and even small bullet vibrators that will ravage your clitoris any day of the week.

Some refer to these products as geeky sex toys, but there’s nothing geeky in getting impaled by a massive monster dildo. They offer so much fun due to their unique and weird humps, textures, and add-ons that you can’t find on realistic-looking faux penises. Nevertheless, they’re still body-safe as they mainly come from silicone, which also makes them easy to clean before and after use.

Werewolf dildos

  • Massive sizes and a range of colors to choose from;
  • Pointy tips that will change your opinion on human penises;
  • Knotted shafts like all other canine dildos;
  • Waterproof if made from silicone.

Tentacle dildos

  • Colorful patterns and all sizes;
  • Resembling actual tentacles, so their body isn’t exactly penis-like;
  • Full of curves and small textures to help stimulation;
  • Made of body-safe materials that have waterproof properties.

Alien dildos

  • Far-out designs that will blow your mind;
  • Some have a feature to impregnate you with an egg made of jelly.

Dragon dildos

  • Made for epic fantasy lovers;
  • Striking colors and beast-like design;
  • Huge in size;
  • Detailed textures that will make you feel hollow inside.

Zombie dildos

  • Look like they’re decaying and ready to break;
  • Veiny textures and greenish colors;
  • Can come in almost any size.

Unicorn dildos

  • Horn-like designs that offer new and unique sensations;
  • Rainbow colors and horse length.


One of the most important features of fantasy dildos is their ability to stay attached to a flat surface. The suction cups on their bottom can link with your bathroom walls or your living room floor. Either way, this gives you an option to have your hands free, stimulating other parts of your body or reading some monster literotica.

Of course, you can always use suction cup dildos with your partner. And with their suction base, the two of you can enjoy all sorts of positions that require you to have your hands free and controlling other things. You can perform oral sex while squatting on the dildo, wrapping your hands around your partner’s waist to maintain balance, for example.


Unfortunately, not all kinksters care for the materials their huge dildos are made of. But this isn’t some eco-friendly thing we’re on about, even if that’s important. The reason why we’re mentioning materials is the fact that not all of them are body-safe and can cause allergic reactions and inflame your genitals. And believe us, that’s not something you’d like to experience ever. It sucks.

Also, buying a good dildo may sometimes require much, but keep in mind that you are just paying for your comfort and safety. Dildos should always be a pleasure toy and not a harmful one. Moreover, we recommend you the collection from LG shop that would help you decide the best dildo.

So if you’re looking to buy a monster toy, look for TPE or silicone dildos. Not only will they not harm your body, but they’re also pretty easy to clean. In case you didn’t think about this, maintaining hygiene is key to having a healthy sex life. That means cleaning your toys before and after use with warm water and soap and keeping them in a dark and dry place.

Parting words

Before we leave you, we’d like to mention how you shouldn’t really care for what others think of your monster fetish. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, you’re good to go exploring any weird and obscure thing out there. Moreover, every one of us has a certain kink, no matter if it’s vanilla or not. Your thing might be a bit more far-fetched, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy it solo or with a similar-minded partner.