The Quiet Clash Between Transgender Women And Drag Queens

In March, RuPaul’s Drag Race, a reality competition show in search of “America’s Next Drag Superstar,” featured a mini-game called “Female or She-male.” Contestants looked at pictures of bodies and tried to guess whether the person in the picture was a drag queen or a cisgender (not transgender) woman. This prompted a backlash from many transgender activists, who were upset by the nature of the segment and its use of the word “shemale,” which GLAAD explains is a term that “dehumanizes transgender people and should not be used.”

After an initially weak response to the outcry, Logo TV, the LGBT-focused network that airs Drag Race, announced it was pulling the episode and also cutting the “You’ve got She-mail!” segment that has been part of every episode of the show over its six seasons. Despite the resolution, the incident has continued to be a flashpoint about how the visibility of …

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The Ins and Outs of Topping as a Trans Girl

I’m not into topping—but plenty of other trans women are. I asked some (and a few straight guys who bottom) what it’s like for them.

There are two reasons why I do not top: One, topping takes a lot of effort, and I prefer not to work up a sweat. Two, I’m a non-op trans woman, and the only position that I’m in when I penetrate a partner with my penis is one of existential vulnerability.

I’ve passed on most requests to top because I felt like my womanhood was at stake. If I were to leave the bottom, I would be moving away from the sexual expectation to which straight cis women are held: to be penetrated. When I do top, my partner’s desire feels more ambiguous: What am I to him?

This anxiety colored the first time I did it, an exception made for my former high school …

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Confronting Reality in a Transgender Paradise

Thailand is widely considered a paradise of transgender acceptance. But the realities of life as a so-called “ladyboy” don’t always reflect that reputation. We spoke with three members of the transgender community there to get a clearer picture.

It is a hot, sunny midday in May and Tanwarin Sukkhapisit, 45, is standing on an overgrown lot in her hometown of Nakhon Ratchasima. The house where she grew up once stood here, and she begins crying quietly. They are tears of sentiment. And they are tears for her mother, who is in a hospital not far away and for whom Tanwarin is full of gratitude.

When she made the decision to transition, her mother immediately supported her, Tanwarin says. Later, her mother even recommended that she wear more stylish dresses.

Tanwarin is wearing a laced skirt and Chucks, a digital watch and lipstick. She has also — again, thanks to her …

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How I Lost My Virginity As A Transgender Woman

We’re expected to lose virginity on a special night with someone we love, so we can remember it forever. Like many high schoolers, I couldn’t wait to lose my virginity. But unlike any high schooler I knew, I had extenuating circumstances that prevented it: I was born transgender.

Ever since I was six years old, I fantasized about what my life would be like as a woman. I had no interest in losing my virginity — or doing anything sexual — as a “boy.”
Having sex with the body I was born in didn’t feel right; I was uncomfortable with myself, and I knew I wasn’t “gay.”
So while I had opportunities to have sex prior to transitioning, I was disinterested, and I’m proud that I waited.

Our story started in middle school.
I was in 8th grade; he was in 6th. I was his homeroom mentor. The first day …

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Transgender and Transsexual differences and facts to help you see their distinction

Distinct Differences

Many will say that there is no difference between transgender and transsexual people. However, trans people see these words in a different light, and they have strong opinions about them. 


The word transsexual is the first one that came about. It describes people that don’t identify with the sex they’ve been been stuck with since birth. What’s more, they undergo surgical procedures to successfully change their sex and feel more like their true selves.


The term transgender is more fluid, however. By definition, you could say it mens the same thing as transsexual. However, transgender people don’t always go through the process of changing their sex to match their gender. 


What inspires people to explore the idea of being transgender or transsexual is not feeling like themselves. For example, someone could be assigned as female, but they identify as a male instead. That’s what it

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Fantasy dildos: Trip to wonderland

We find all sorts of things sexy and attractive. Some fantasize about this while others dream about that, and that’s all great. However, there’s a group of people who enjoy all things obscure and somewhat scary. As such, they have a whole set of fantasy toys to enjoy while alone or cos-playing with their partners. Let’s take a closer look at these dildos and see what they have in store for us, shall we?

Do you find monsters sexy?

Although not as popular as some other forms of sexual fantasies, teratophilia is a fetish that refers to showing attraction to monsters or people with deformities. It’s seen as a paraphilia, which is just a fancy word for sexual deviation. Unfortunately, this can make one believe there’s something wrong with people who find these things sexy. But in our eyes, monster porn and erotica are all about escapism from societal beauty

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Nipple Orgasm Exists and Here’s How You Can Experience It!

Wait, nipple orgasms? Yep! They’re entirely possible, and fantastic too. Once you experience them, you’ll keep wanting more of them. That’s a guarantee.

Many of the things you can do to stimulate your nipples can be considered great foreplay tips too. So, stick around, even if you’re not into nipple play. You’ll definitely learn something new and maybe even change your mind, who knows.

Is Nipple Orgasm Possible?

When it comes to orgasms, people usually think that the only way to achieve them is through genital stimulation. But that’s so far from the truth.

Breasts, and nipples especially, are erogenous zones, for some more so than the others. Also, not only can women experience nipple orgasms — men can do it too! All it takes is some focus and enough stimulation.

How is it possible? Nipples have a lot of nerve endings, which means they’re very sensitive to touch. Even …

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